The newest material used to make artificial muscle can lift more than 100 times more than the meaty stuff you have stuck to your skeleton. It forms a sinewy band that’s flexible, dynamic, and can be reused millions of times. No, we’re not talking about carbon nanotubes, shape-memory metal, or some hyper-strong liquid alloy. This super-material is ordinary fishing line. 

Synthetic Muscle Made of Fishing Line is 100 Times Stronger Than the Real Thing

Driven: 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

"It isn’t that tough to build a 200 mph car anymore, but frankly, doing it at this price and still including all the safety features, creature comforts, styling cues, and a full factory warranty—so far, it’s the automotive achievement of the year."

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‘72 Plymouth ‘Cuda - Hook, Line, & Sinker

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