From diesel trucks to V8 tire-vaporizers and a slew of Porsche 911 rivals, there are plenty of great new cars for enthusiasts to look forward to in the coming year. All of these arrive shortly—and some will be absolutely stellar. Here’s a selection of some of the best to come.

These are the Upcoming New Cars You WANT to Drive

In 2002, the Mini Cooper’s cute styling and cartoonish, diminutive proportions crashed the U.S. car scene. Ever since then, automakers have tried to bottle that lightning. But none have captured the cosmopolitan charm that allows Mini to charge premium prices for a small economy car (though the Fiat 500 comes close). With the third generation the Mini Hardtop doesn’t stray far from the original formula. But the proportions continue to grow, making this Mini a little less mini.

2014 Mini Hardtop: The Not-So-Mini Mini Grows a Little More