"Yet, with all apologies to Ray Bradbury, his legacy will always be in science fiction. And the fact that being associated with sci-fi chafed him is, perhaps, the best way into his unique contribution, which stands apart from the titans of the genre. Jules Verne was a prophet of submarines and moon shots. H.G. Wells predicted weapons of mass destruction, particularly the indiscriminate horror of chemical warfare. Arthur C. Clarke, among other things, was the father of the geostationary satellite. Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics continue to frame debates about ethical robots. These were studious, science-minded thinkers. Bradbury, meanwhile, was too busy imagining the petty insecurities poisoning a Martian marriage, or the mindless, heart-breaking routines of a robotic house whose owners are long-dead victims of a global nuclear war, to bother planting a flag in any single device or principle."

Ray Bradbury, Science Fiction’s First Great Humanist

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