How Building a Black Hole for Interstellar Led to an Amazing Scientific Discovery | WIRED
Still, no one knew exactly what a black hole would look like until they actually built one. Light, temporarily trapped around the black hole, produced an unexpectedly complex fingerprint pattern near the black hole’s shadow. And the glowing accretion disk appeared above the black hole, below the black hole, and in front of it. “I never expected that,” Thorne says. “Eugénie just did the simulations and said, ‘Hey, this is what I got.’ It was just amazing.”


A crumbling reminder of communism

Buzludzha was once the futuristic, flying-saucer shaped headquarters of the Communist Party in Bulgaria, but it is now a semi-ruin after being left to rot.

Speaking of the screen, Amazon is touting that the Voyage’s 300dpi display is the best ever on an E Ink Kindle. They’re not lying: this is simply the best E Ink display I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly better than the gray-brown pages of the secondhand paperback you’re reading, and unless you’re really into $75 high-gloss coffee table books, it’s probably better looking than just about everything in your bookshelf. The Paperwhite was already fantastic both in terms of contrast and resolution, but if I looked closely enough, I could see ragged little edges on characters. On the Voyage, I can’t. It’s just smooth. Amazon has also improved the grayscaling to the point where graphics aren’t visibly dithered; clearly, as always, this device is primarily intended for text, but images (in the Kindle Store, for instance) won’t trigger your gag reflex.